The Swimming Pool Idea

Welcome to the very first Wacky Wedding Idea!  When thinking of wedding ideas one day, I suddenly thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool (literally) to have it in the pool?”  Sure it’d be wet and not at all formal, but being a former swimmer and lifelong water-lover, it seemed like a hilarious and fun idea.  That got me thinking about tons of other crazy scenarios that people could have their weddings in, which you’ll hear about it the weeks to come.  To kick it all off, I present to you:

The Swimming Pool Wedding

The Scene:  Imagine the bride wearing a white swimsuit with ruffles as the dress and a long tulle veil trailing behind her.  To ensure the veil doesn’t sink or drag out of the bride’s hair, you can affix it with little floaties so it remains above water.  The groom can opt for swim trunks with a tuxedo pattern and a bow tie around his neck, or a full body suit with a tuxedo pattern.  Beach balls and blow-up toys float around the pool as decorations and the couple has to dive down to retrieve their rings from the bottom of the pool.  After the ceremony, the reception is held right by the pool and guests are free to splash around.  Beach towels with the couple’s picture and wedding date are given out as very practical wedding gifts.  If the pool has a pool house/clubhouse, it can be set up for the dinner and dance portion of the night, or dinner can be a casual BBQ on the grill.

The Location: Any pool you can reserve!  Shallow ones would be more practical and ones with lanes would help ensure you walk straight(ish).  However, if you’re in for a challenge, opt for an Olympic-size pool and offer swim lessons as part of the wedding preparations (or use life vests painted to look like tuxedos for the men and gowns for the women).  Children, including flower girls and ring bearers, can make use of floaties on their arms or sit in a tube that is dragged down the “aisle.”  Really ambitious folks can swim down the aisle in the stroke of their choice; butterfly stroke would be most epic, of course.  Just make sure that you can reserve the entire pool area or else you might some neighborhood kids crashing the party.

The Challenges: Most of it would pertain to whether the wedding party can swim (if they can, it’s easy breezy and if they can’t, it can be a nightmare).  Of course, much of that can be alleviated by using various flotation devices and limiting activity to the shallow end of the pool.  Other considerations would be the weather if it’s an outdoor pool, since nobody wants to be in a pool during a thunderstorm.  Let’s not talk about how easily inappropriate the “wedding attire” could be and just hope that everyone would have fun in the spirit of a splashy wedding!

What do you think?  Would this be something you’d like to attempt at your own risk?  What other obstacles might make it difficult to pull off?  Or, do you know someone who had a wedding like this?!  Let’s hear it!