The Dollar (Store) Idea

Alright, the ideas have been getting wackier each time, so let’s bring ourselves back to earth with something much more attainable, shall we?

The Dollar (Store) Wedding

The Scene:  Imagine an intimate at-home wedding, where the challenge was to use only what you had at home already or could find at the local dollar store! Everything from the flowers and table cloths to the party favors and materials to make the wedding cake. The only exceptions would be the clothing that everyone wears and the rings (though hey if the couple’s down for some fun plastic rings, who’s to stop them?). Centerpieces could easily be put together with the selection of glassware, candles, rocks, and fake flowers at the dollar store. Rather than buy loads of fake flowers that you may not need again, why not opt for some fun pinwheels to place along the aisle? This would be especially nice on a beautifully sunny day with a slight breeze, so the colorful pinwheels spin as they welcome the bride down the aisle.

collage of tableware items available at dollar store

Whether you want disposable or to add to your home’s collection, there’s plenty of tableware to choose from!

collage of glass bowls and candles available at dollar store

A little DIY handiwork can quickly transform these into wonderful centerpieces.

As the wedding party takes some photos on each others’ cameras, guests can mingle over boxed wine (I think they offer that at the dollar store) or soda. You don’t have to get drunk to have fun, right? Come time for dinner, you can expect a mishmash of homemade foods and a simple cake made from a box. It may not be fancy, but it certainly is homey. Maybe a few of the guests can even help with the food preparation! Yes, this is a very hands-on, interactive, and DIY sort of wedding. Roll up your sleeves, join in, and have fun socializing! It’s all about the company and good times tonight.

collage of colorful decorative and gift products available at dollar store

Spring is a great season for a discount wedding! Just check out all those cheerful colors.

The fun thing about dollar stores is that they always have a robust seasonal section, so you can really cater to the time of year that you’ll be holding the wedding. Right now all the Easter decorations are out, so the newlyweds may opt to have an Easter egg scavenger hunt, where guests have to find their own wedding presents hidden in the yard and around the house. You can find some really fun Easter eggs like sports balls, animals, or assorted neon colors. Within each, the bride and groom may choose to have pieces of candy and some small trinkets as momentos. On the tables, guests receive a lovely photo frame decorated with the couple’s names and the wedding date, which they can later use when they print out a picture of themselves with the bride and groom. Then when the dancing starts, glowsticks are passed out and help illuminate the dark yard. Ever rave at a wedding? This may be your chance!

The Location: Since this is to be a budget wedding, the most sensible place to hold it would be at a home. Now this can be your home, your parents’ home, or even just a friend who wants to volunteer their wonderful yard! Don’t be afraid to ask if someone is willing to lend you their place for the day, but be sure to clean up after yourselves and be courteous guests. Depending on the time of year, you may choose to do it out in the yard or inside the home. As long as the weather permits, an outside wedding provides fewer restrictions and is far less likely to cause extended damage. But hey, if you really hate the outdoors, you can have a house party and mingle from room to room throughout the night.

The Challenges: One of the most difficult things will likely be having enough space and furniture. Most households aren’t designed for a big shebang like a wedding, so some creative measures to make the most of your space will probably be necessary. Maybe you’ll opt for a super-quick ceremony where guests stand in a circle around you to save space. Also, you might need to borrow some furniture from your neighbors to be able to seat everyone, or even encourage your guests to BYOC – bring your own chair! Then of course is the issue of pulling off a cheap wedding that doesn’t feel “cheap,” if you know what I mean. With a focus on family and friends, love and friendship, and a sense of camaraderie and community, this can be a really intimate event where everyone pitches in and feels good about it too! DIY doesn’t mean the guests can’t do some of the doing too. 🙂

If you had a budget wedding, would you want to pull it off like this? Would you consider this a “wacky” wedding? What would you do to personalize it?  Or, do you know someone who managed to have a “dollar” wedding?  We’d love to know.


The Legos Idea

In honor of my boyfriend’s birthday tomorrow, a wedding themed after one of his favorite things: Legos.

The Legos Wedding

set of momma owl and baby owls made of legos

Perhaps you’d want to surprise guests with creatures made of Legos.

The Scene:  Imagine the entire venue decorated with Lego sculptures.  Everything from the altar to the seats and tables to the flowers!  Guests arrive and are seated in their giant Lego chairs (with cushions for those sensitive tooshes).  Along the aisle, flower decorations made of Legos adorn the chairs and ground.  Even the podium is made of (wooden) Legos!  When the groom and his groomsmen arrive, everyone gets a chuckle at their Lego bowties; then the bride arrives with a Lego crown and Lego jewelry (which doesn’t have to be the original plastic pieces, but can be smelted from various metals).  She can even bling out her wedding dress with little metal Lego pieces instead of jewels.  You may not see it, but her shoes are covered in little Lego pieces as well.  If both the bride and groom are Lego-obsessed, then the rings themselves could have little Legos on them.

After the ceremony, guests enjoy a cocktail hour with drinks and hors d’oeuvres served in Lego glasses (either Lego pieces melted/glued together or normal glass with Lego -piece adornments) and Lego trays (similar construction to the glasses).  Truly dedicated newlyweds can also provide Lego standing tables or Lego chairs and tables.  Come dinner, guests may find themselves still using Lego furniture and tableware.  Each table is dedicated to a particular Lego shape, which is the same type of piece that guests’ names are carved into.  At the tables, Lego keychains and jewelry can be the wedding gifts, or the Lego glasses themselves can be a keepsake.  Centerpieces can be a variety of interesting Lego sculptures like the ones at Legoland (but scaled down to fit).  You can even have some floating Lego sculptures with candles inside if you want to try a challenge!

entrance area of legoland californiaThe Location: Just about anywhere, as long as the staff is ready, willing, and able to help construct a variety of Lego creations.  Of course, doing it at Legoland would be cool, but certainly not necessary.  This could potentially work for an indoor or outdoor wedding, but if you opt for the great outdoors, double- and triple-check that your location doesn’t get high winds and that the week of your wedding day is expected to be clear, clear, clear with no sign of precipitation.  After all, trying to move all those giant Lego pieces can be tricky if you don’t glue everything down (and even if you do, the glue might not withstand brisk moving).

The Challenges: One of the major things is actually getting enough Lego pieces to outfit everything.  Of course, wooden and metal ones will need to be custom-made since they aren’t commonly available.  You can cut down by adorning the out layer of everything with Legos rather than constructing the entire structures, but if you’re a true fan you might not want to “cheat” like that.  Assuming you secure all the materials, you need to carefully design each item that is made so the structures don’t fall apart and come crashing down.  This might require the services of a Lego expert borrowed (aka hired) from the Lego company itself.

So what do you think? Would you ever consider a wedding like this? What aspects would you keep and which would you change?  Do you know someone who had a Lego wedding?!  Tell us more!