Welcome to Wacky Wedding Ideas!

It all started when Mary Q. was watching some wedding shows and found everything to be rather ho-hum and predictable.  She started to fantasize about the most fun, innovative, and creative wedding ideas that she could come up with and eventually got so carried away that a list had to be formed to keep track of them all.  These ideas entertained her so much that she shared them with her boyfriend and they both had a good laugh trying to envision some of the silly concepts.

Right around this time, Mary met with a friend of hers from college (Ms. King), who told her about the blogs that she had been writing.  Ms. King, despite being in law school and busy as ever, still managed to keep three blogs!  Each had its own theme, like the trials and tribulations of learning to cook or the journey of personal improvement, and audience.  This inspired Mary to turn her wacky wedding ideas into this blog, Wacky Wedding Ideas!

Our goal is to bring you one Wacky Wedding Idea each week, providing both entertainment and (hopefully) fodder for your own wedding plans, if any.  We’d love to hear from you as well, so if you have ideas you’d like to submit, please fill out our Wacky Wedding Ideas submission form.  Or if you decide to try anything on this blog, let us know!  Also, please support us by liking our Wacky Wedding Ideas Facebook page and following our Wacky Wedding Ideas Twitter account (@funweddingideas because @wackyweddingideas exceeds their character limit).


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